Highway - Prologue - Team Hoes
Highway - Prologue
Title: Highway
Rating: NC-17 (sex, language)
Pairing: Brooke/Peyton
Genre: Romance, Drama, Humor
Disclaimer: Do I look like I own 'em?
Timeline: Sequel to Comedy of Errors, which can be located... here!
Teaser: One month of driving leads to a nerve-wracking but still effective emotional journey for a sexually-confused Brooke Davis and an emotionally fragile Peyton Sawyer. Along the way, they'll be helped and hampered by a handful of craziness that can't be defined as an ever-loyal Mouth holds down the home fort against spreading rumors - and a window, in the end, provides the final piece.

Notes: Yep, the sequel, because I'm obsessed with these two. One, this has a definite ending; two, you will get more info on what happened between the Tape of Doom and Comedy of Errors, mainly in the form of flashbacks and dicussion; and three, possibly most important in the grand scheme of things, you get drunk Brooke in a lesbian bar trying to "save" Peyton - yeah, crazy things happen.


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